About Us

The history of Amideon began in 1981 when Intepro Limited was formed by the directors and management of Amideon to design and manufacture power electronic test equipment for telecom, industrial and aerospace industries. Ten years later, in 1991, with an annual turnover of over €10 million, Intepro was sold to Schaffner EMV AG.  Foreseeing opportunities in new product markets and applications, the same directors decided to enter new business areas. Utilizing both experience and market foresight they exploited a number of market opportunities and invested, in addition to Amideon’s core business, in over ten technology companies and start-up’s involved in GaAs device & module design, GaAs device foundry, microwave security systems, space qualified components, RF & microwave test, video analytics and other niche technology opportunities. Amideon currently has a significant shareholding in two of these companies and has exited the rest to third parties and MBO’s.  Amideon core business in offering advanced custom design, project management and procurement and intellectual property sourcing services to the semiconductor and microwave-mmWave electronic manufacturing industry has grown at an impressive rate with orders of €5 million in 2001 to typically €20 – €25 million per annum in recent years.