MMICs & III/V device design & fabrication

Since 2008 Amideon has been providing technology and IP for GaAs device fabrication and MMIC Design to 20Ghz and beyond.

Custom test & packaging solutions

Amideon offers custom test and packaging solution for complex telecommunications, aerospace and space components, modules and instrumentation.

Cleanrooms & equipment for device fabrication

Amideon’s team of mechanical engineering partners / cleanroom and facility specialists have completed over fifty major cleanroom and facility projects during the last thirty years.

From idea to ready to use product

Amideon offers custom solutions, ranging from semiconductor fabrication and test to specialized intellectual property, for the design and manufacture of new innovative products. Our services range from component, product or equipment procurement to complete turnkey solutions involving custom design, IP, manufacturing processes, test process and qualification. Projects, typically go through a one to two year design / definition phase, followed by a further one to two years budgeting phase and finally an implementation and commissioning stage of about a year.

Amideon will take ownership of your project, from requirements assessment, solution design and deployment, to technology transfer.

Amideon is committed to developing long-term partnership with key clients.